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Zoned Visual Red Alarm Led and Red FIRE Indicators.
Zoned Visual Yellow O/C Fault Led.
Continuous Signal During Alarm.
Built-In Battery Charger.
Low / No Power and Battery Detection.
Automatic Loading and Testing of Battery.
Battery Lead Reversal Protection.
Zone Fire Test and Zone O/C Fault Test.
Fire Storage.double check of the fire signal
Fire Alarm and Trouble Buzzer.


‧Standard CNS . 8877 . Z2044
‧Primary Power Source110 or 220 VAC (Switch), 50/60 Hz
‧Secondary Power Source24VDC Batteries
Zone Power24VDC , 18VDC ~ 30VDC
Zone ELR10K ELR1/4 ~ 1/2W Resistor
DetectorsSmokeRate of riseHeat
Lamp Power24VDC 1.0 amps
Bell Power24VDC 1.0 amps
Dry Auxiliary AC220V 5A (550VA)
Panel ColorIvory

5 Zone Size300X380X95mm

10 Zone Size300X460X95mm

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